Traveling Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Whenever you travel overseas for business or for pleasure, you don’t always need to spend a fortune.  There is everything from coupons, daily deals, and reward programs available to help you save.

If you don’t have a lot of money and need to travel, try to arrange your travel time with corresponding dates that provide a lower cost airfare.  Flying to various countries during certain times in a year will have varying costs involved.  For example, flying from Canada to China in August might be $1800 CAD round-trip, but that same round-trip in September could be only $1200 CAD.  It’s a good idea to check alternate dates.

Reward programs are one of the most common ways to save long-term for airfares, Airmiles and Aeroplan being the most well-known.  Try to get a personal or business credit card that has some sort of reward system so your regular daily spending earns you a bit something extra.

Don’t buy the most expensive ticket, even if your business is picking up the bill.  Just because you have the money available now, doesn’t mean that you need to upgrade to first class or business class.  This is more so true when you’re traveling longer distances and will be sleeping the majority of the trip.  Especially for businesses, it may feel good to finally get to travel business class, but try to restrain from it and use the money you could save to expand your business even more.

Take advantage of airport perks that are rewarded to you.  This includes their gym, shower, and various lounges should you have access.  If you travel frequently, you’ll most likely get access to this.  Use it.

Don’t be afraid to voice your complaints if you’re having a bad experience.  You may just get a free upgrade or free perks should the airline deem it necessary to ensure you’re satisfied.

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