Choosing The Right Dropshipper Service

I want to talk to you guys today about how to choose the right dropshipper for your business.

A dropshipper is a business that acts as a middle-man for your products.  They get their products from wholesalers in bulk and they hold a large amount of inventory so you don’t have to.  When you use a dropship service, you advertise the products they have in stock for them but they handle the shipping and packaging of the product.

Dropshippers are great to use if your starting out a business and don’t have that much space or money for inventory.

How it works;

1) You pick a product that your dropshipper has.  Collect the description and photos and re-write it so it suits your needs.

2) Advertise the product on your website, or other marketplace.

3) Buyer pays you for the item.

4) You then pay the dropshipper after your customer pays you.

5) The dropshipper packs and ships the product for you – but they send it to your customer and not to you.  The dropshipper then will give you a tracking # so you can give to your customer.

Dropshippers are a business that needs to make money; they don’t do all the running around and stuff for you for free.  It’s important to remember this, that they are a service.

Some dropship companies charge a one-time setup fee; some charge a monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly fee.  Some charge only a fee per item if you sell something.

Ideally what you want to use when you’re starting out is a fee per item.  That way if nothing sells, you don’t pay out money.  Once you start making profit, you can move onto dropshippers that charge a one-time setup fee or charge monthly subscription.  Don’t get ahead of yourself, it can be risky to subscribe or pay a lot of money in preparation to get access to products, make sure you are able to get products added and start selling to make profit to pay for the expenses.

You have to watch out though because some dropshippers don’t charge any fees; what they do is up-mark their ‘dropship/wholesale’ price to cover the costs.  And many companies out there are complete scams.  There are hundreds and hundreds of scam dropshipping companies out there on the internet that will take your money.  Make sure to research completely, check reviews, testimonials.  Talk to companies that use these dropship companies services.

There are dropship services out there for every type of market niche from cooking supplies, electronics, home and garden; every type of product out there.  Some dropshippers only ship to Canada, or only USA, or world-wide.  It really depends on each company.

Whenever you’re talking with a new dropship company it’s important to ask them a thousand questions.  You need to know everything about them, their processing times, out of stock polices, shipping times, return policies, everything.  And before you go out there and advertise their products; you should do a test order and ship to yourself see how accurate their services are, and their shipping speed.

You need to do as much research as possible about a dropship company to make an educated decision of whether or not to do business with them.

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