Information About My Free Mentorship Program

Hey everyone, thanks for your interest in my mentorship program.

Over the last few years since I started this free mentoring program, word has spread to the point where I am receiving anywhere from 400-500 applicants per month right now from Entrepreneurs all over the world.

To make the process simpler, smoother and quicker we’ve put together a list of questions I typically ask all applicants during the vetting process.  I want to ensure that the applicant is a right fit for my style of mentorship, and that I am also a right fit for the applicant and where they are at in their business/life.

I mentor individuals who are at a point in their life I feel they could use my help.  I mentor anywhere from 8-10 people at any given time.  The mentorship relationship lasts anywhere from weeks to months depending on what kind of work needs done.

I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time, my teams time or my own.  This application form is the best way to get right to the point and find out if the applicant is a match for my mentorship program.

Only those selected to participate in the mentorship program will be contacted.  Please don’t apply more than once every six months.  All applications will be read over, and information will be researched for each applicant by my team.  My team will pass on appropriate candidates onto me for final review.  For best chances, please ensure all the following:

Ensure that you’ve filled out as much as you can, with as much detail as possible.
Ensure you know your chosen industry, your competitors, and your own business inside out.
Ensure that you know all your numbers.
Ensure that the form is filled out accurately.

Please send all mentorship applications to the following email address:

Download Application Here

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoy all the blog materials i have to offer.

Damien Defranco
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Defranco Enterprises Inc & Defranco Enterprises LLC

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