Travel Tips & Tricks – Part 1

Traveling can be stressful and complicated.  Here are some tips and tricks you may find helpful when making plans for your next trip.

Plan in advance and leave room for error.  There are so many variations that could affect your plans for traveling.  It’s not uncommon for there to be last minute changes to your itinerary.  Whenever you make plans, leave room for error, including that which you can’t control, such as flight delays & cancellations.  Always have a backup plan and alternate routes in case things change.

It’s important to know your countries embassy and consulate locations and contact info, and to have that information on you at all times.  It is also a good idea to keep photocopies of your passport on you when traveling as you may consider leaving your original documents in your hotel safe or in a secure location.

Don’t carry large sums of money with you when you’re out and about in places that are new to you.  Keep enough for what you need for the day and some emergency money.  Keep your money in at least two separate places on you.

Pick up a local cheap phone and local sim card when you’re visiting somewhere far away.  Keep your own phone powered off in a secure place at your hotel or wherever you’re staying to avoid excessive data charges.  This goes for camera and similar equipment, grab a inexpensive camera for the majority of any sightseeing you do.

Pay attention to the news, and weather.  Ensure that the place you’re planning to travel to has no warnings or dangerous risks that you wouldn’t want to take.  Plan alternate itineraries in case of poor weather conditions so you’re not stuck wasting your day.

Be wary, knowledgeable and considerate of the culture of the places you’re going to.  It’s important not to bring your own religion with you to where you’re going especially if it won’t be welcomed there.  Many places have different ways of life and their own cultural practices.  It’s a good idea to learn about them beforehand so you can be respectful when you’re traveling there.

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