Men vs Women in the Workplace

I’ve been seeing a lot of news & media outlets and popular business magazines (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune) coming out with a lot of content based on pushing clickbaity titles for the reasons why it’s better to have women in the workplace instead of men.

So I thought I’d share my opinion on this.

I believe as long as the individual can do the job per the requirements, then it doesn’t matter whether the individual is a man or woman.  I don’t see any benefits of having a man over a woman, or vise versa with having a woman over a man.  I think this is completely irrelevant.

I hire people that can do the job that I need done.  I don’t factor in sex, appearance, sexuality or any other irrelevant fact to do a job.  All that matters to me is the persons skill-set, experience, drive/determination, and attitude towards the work that I need done.  It’s important to choose the person that is right for the job and will provide the best results.

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