Best Business Dining For Closing Deals In Niagara Falls Ontario

For this posting, I’m going to be going over my top picks for restaurants to dine at for closing some serious deals.  Some of the best places to close a deal is either on a golf course, at a bar, or at a really great restaurant.  Regardless of where, there is usually always drinks involved.

The experience each party has during the closing of a deal can heighten the expectations of the deal brokered, or partnership.  If you’re on a golf course with another party you’re about to close a deal with and your enjoying golf and throwing back beers, this can stimulate higher hopes/expectations for the business deal and make longer lasting partnerships.  Whenever you’re doing business with the other party, you’ll always remember the times when the deal got closed.

4th) Pranzo Ristorante Italiano

A great place for a lunch or dinner business meeting. For $39 you can pick 3 dishes from their menu. 1 main course, 2 apps, (or salad/desert) per person. Their beer pricing is about $8-9 per glass (16oz). Their mixed drinks are between $11-13 (2oz alch).

Pranzo is located right off Fallview Boulevard near Murray St. you can’t miss it. Waiters/waitresses are extremely tentative and you can request hot lemon water to keep your hands clean and they’ll accommodate any changes you need to the menu.

Appetizers:  P.E.I Mussels & Spicy Shrimp


Main Course:  Lobster Ravioli & Linguine Di Mare


Desserts:  Raspberry Cheesecake & Tiramisu Cake


Drinks:  Rickard’s Red & Mixed Drinks


All together for two people the bill comes to about $145 CAD + tips of $25.  You can expect to spend about $170 CAD here on a lunch.

3rd) Outback Steakhouse

Another great place is the Outback Steakhouse, there are 2 locations in Niagara Falls that I know of.  My last experience there wasn’t the best, they comp’d me my first beer as it was at the last of the draught and didn’t taste right, and they comp’d me my steak as I ordered medium and it came fully done.  I ended up switching to bottle Coors Light.

It’s still a great place for lunch or dinner.  Beer pricing is between $7-9 for a glass (14oz). Their mixed drinks are between $11-13 (2oz alch).  Due to me asking for a new beer and the taste being way off what it should, my server who has no experience in beer actually had the manager come over and sort everything out for us to make things right.

Appetizers: Wings & Onion Blossom


Main Course: Outback Special Steak with Extra Lobster Tail & and Sirloin and Lobster Combo


Drinks: Mixed Drink & Photo of all the main dishes


All together for two people the bill comes to about $150 CAD + tips of $25.  However, that was after a $20 CAD voucher and being comp’d about $40 CAD.  We also didn’t get desert due to the type of appetizers we had.  You can expect to spend about $230 CAD here on a lunch or dinner before deserts.

2nd) Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room


Really want to impress a business meeting with a view, then the Skylon Tower is the place.  Before going to the top, they have a Starbucks inside the bottom lobby you can have some refreshments while you wait to go up.  What’s also great is after you dine, you can go up one more floor to the observation deck level and have more drinks and view the area.

Dining in the Skylon Tower is all about the view, you may even spend more time talking about the area and Niagara Falls then you will on the actual business topics you went to discuss.  The downside is there isn’t much room on the table for extra paperwork.  However, you can wait between courses to order the next and that frees up a lot of table space.

I found that the wait staff could be a bit pushy to try to get you to finish up and leave so the next table can get in, after-all, its about about the money.  If you’re there having a business meeting then it delays others from coming in and spending money.  Another thing I wanted to note is that you can hear staff talking to each other about how much tips they get from tables, and one person was complaining about a $25 tip.  I’m sorry – but $25 tip on a single table you spent 20 minutes servicing is great, a lot of people would love to have your job.

Besides that, it still made 2nd place on my list.  Beer pricing is between $9-12, and mixed drinks was between $8-14.

Appetizers: Duck Pastrami & Seafood Chowder (no picture)


Main Course: New York Strip Steak duo with Lobster & Lamb Chops


Deserrts:  Praline Cheesecake and Creme Brulee


Drinks:  Few Bottles of Beer & Red Wine (No Pictures)

All together for two people the bill comes to about $235 CAD + tips of $30.  That was with a dining voucher of $40 CAD.  .  You can expect to spend about $260 CAD here for dinner.

1st) Ruth's Chris Steak House

This is probably one of the most well known fine-dining experiences for a steakhouse in Niagara Falls.  It’s also my go to spot for closing extremely important client deals.

This place has a very calming effect on you, the waiters/waitresses I find only come when you need them, they don’t hover over you ever 5 minutes which is great in a business setting when you only want service at certain times.

The atmosphere is dimly lit, so it can be difficult to read fine-print documents, but that is what tablets are for.  It’s typically quiet, customers that come to this place are usually high class, ready to spend a lot of money.  If you are talking confidentiality topics with your other party, be sure to keep your voices down.

Beer pricing is between $11-17 for a glass (16oz). Their mixed drinks are between $15-30 (2oz alch).  All the pricing here is extremely high.  But it’s really easy to get your hands on $100 or even $150 vouchers if you look hard enough.

Main Course: Chilean Sea Bass & New York Strip Steak & Sweet Potato Casserole


Everything at Ruth’s Chris is A La Carte.  So you can order salads, apps, the main dish then side dishes all separately.  I highly recommend the Sweet Potato Casserole, it is extremely sweet and tastes like candy.

I wouldn’t recommend ordering too many drinks here, especially shots.  Doing shots is typical for many closing business deals, but I would do it after at another place.  Everything here is extremely costly.

You can expect to spend about $400 CAD here on a basic 3 course dinner for two people.  More if you want desserts or many drinks.

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