New Investment With EliteVince Fashion Co.

I am pleased to announce that my company Defranco Capital will now be an investor in EliteVince Fashion Co.

EliteVince Fashion Co. is a Canadian brand that sells higher end Apparel, Jewelry and Beauty products world-wide.

About EliteVince
EliteVince Fashion Co. sells jewelry, apparel, accessories and other fashion products worldwide.  We are not just an ecommerce company, but a fashion lifestyle brand.  The vision we see for EliteVince is to bring quality products to consumers worldwide and to share the culture of this amazing brand.  We want to improve the everyday lives of people who share in our culture and vision.

We value the standards and quality of our products and customer experience and we want to uphold the high standards we’ve set moving forward as we become a top global brand.  EliteVince seeks to create and promote highly fashionable items at affordable pricing.

EliteVince was founded by Connor Vince with investor Damien Defranco in 2017.  The brand was created to bring a like-minded vision to life.  EliteVince will thrive as we please our customers, employees, partners and our investors.

EliteVince Mission

Our mission is to become a global leader in fashion by sharing our brands culture and bringing quality lifestyle products to our customers with the ultimate goal of making them feel good and live better.

EliteVince at the moment is an eCommerce company hosted on the Shopify platform with plans to launch their own product lines.

Check them out at

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Defranco Enterprises Inc & Defranco Enterprises LLC

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