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Between my partners brands and my own brands I offer a very extensive and wide range of services to anyone I work with.  When you work with me, you get everything as a package deal.

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Featured Services

Vixeemo is my most influential brand I’ve had the privilege of creating.  The services this brand offers to customers is extremely important to the growth of their own brands.  Vixeemo excels at supporting the requirements of brands and getting them to the next level.

My team at Vixeemo are talented individuals and business smart.  Their expertise in working with my brand is what makes the services offered at Vixeemo extremely valuable.

At Vixeemo, we understand the importance of doing things right and making an impact.  Your brand comes first.  You supply the criteria, and we’ll do the rest.

Tailored ServicesWe cater services directly to our customers needs based on criteria set.
Bundled ServicesWe combine services together as a cost effective bundled deal catered to customers.
Special ServicesWe can even create a new special service just for our customers if we don’t offer it.

Defranco Enterprises oversees the day to day operations of all my sub-brands under the Defranco name.

Defranco Capital Group will take care of all your financial needs.  From PO fulfillment, small loans, growth funding, and capital investment.
Defranco Film Products can handle all of your video media requirements.  Looking for a Youtube or Facebook Video, or something for a landing page?
Defranco Shipping Services can handle all the shipping, export, and import services you need.  If you need a mailbox address, we can help you with that too.
Defranco Gaming Sponsorship gets your products in the hands of well-known online performers on Youtube, Twitch and other media and streaming sites.

ZiggDig Wholesale & Distribution provides millions of products to my customers in the United States and in Canada.

Multiple LocationsWe have multiple warehousing and distribution centers globally across Canada, United States and in China.
Product DiversityWe offer a wide range of products that covers all niches, including name brand products.  Some of everything.

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