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Some of the most important advice I’ve ever received is to learn from the mistakes and failures from others and myself.  Failing is incredibly important to being successful.  Trial and error and failing is one of the greatest teaching aspects.  If you can learn from the mistakes that others have done before you, you can overcome and avoid doing the same mistakes.  The most rewarding victory is the most difficult one.
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Damien D.

Damien Defranco™ is the CEO of Defranco™, Founder & the Chairman of the Board of Defranco Enterprises™. Co-Founder of ZiggDig™ Wholesale & Distribution and Founder & Investor of Vixeemo™ Business Solutions.

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How I Got My Start

One of my first jobs that lead to me being an Entrepreneur was working in the purchasing department for a Entertainment company in London, Ontario, Canada.  I got to learn everything there was about being a buyer, and accounting.  It wasn’t long afterwards that I decided to take the skills I learned and started to sell on Ebay.

When I first was on Ebay, I sold over a million products in my first couple years, my major seller was Homeopathic Remedies.  I also sold various other products that were dropshipped from overseas.  Ebay eventually changed how their ratings system worked and due to the large amount of complaints on Homeopathic Remedies across Ebay my account ended up getting permanently suspended.

I went on to opening various other shops on Ebay as well as Amazon.  Later on I would also do Etsy.  2004 was the first time I ever started a business, that was Defranco™.  Years later in 2010 I incorporated my first international company;  Defranco Enterprises™ to oversee the day to day operations of all of my shops and stores and staffing across all the marketplaces I was on, everything I started between 2005-current mostly went under the Defranco Enterprises umbrella.

Traveling Overseas

From 2011 to current, I spend almost all my time outside of Canada.  I am all over China, Hong Kong, and Japan.  I learned everything about the various cultures, and business etiquette in the East.  I toured hundreds of factories, businesses and got mentored.  I absorbed a lot of knowledge.

I met many business owners, factory managers, employees and Entrepreneurs from all over China and started to make my own network of like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of and share knowledge.

During my multiple stays in China, I have opened several of my own businesses and made many investments.  My first business; Defranco had it’s largest growth in the China & Hong Kong markets.

In 2014, I co-founded ZiggDig™ with Scott Smalley which would go on to become a wholesaler and distribution company.

To date, I have been involved in over 800+ startups worldwide.  Most of them are eCommerce brands.  Some failures, and some winners.

Path To Mentorship

After 10 years in the industry, I started offering mentorship and coaching services to USA and Canada clients.  Because of this, I travel frequently between USA and Canada as well as continuing to spend a lot of time in China.  Many of the individuals whom I help out now have a higher chance of finding success.  I started creating full-on business service packages for everyone I mentored through my brand Vixeemo™ which I started in 2016.

Everyone that I mentor today all get the knowledge that I obtained from all the trial and errors that I have went through over the last many years.

Since Vixeemo’s start in 2016, it has become a large full business solutions company with thousands of clients throughout North America and Eastern Asian countries.

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