My History With Shopify

I came across Shopify about four years ago.  Prior to that, I was mainly using Magento.  Magento was a platform that had a massive amount of customization, tons of addons and apps.  But it required a lot of upkeep.

Magento had many patches that needed to be done manually, especially for security.  Much of this needed to be done using Shell Access.  It was an annoyance.  It was difficult, and it was costly.  I was spending anywhere from $1400-8,000 per year in fees, per store.

I decided to try another solution.  I’ve also used Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce and several other platforms over the years, but Shopify was the best thing that I ever came across.  What also made it great was its 14 day free trial so I could test it out.

Shopify didn’t have as much user-control as Magento did, but it was a thousand times simpler.  Simple was the way to go, simple was the direction eCommerce was going.  In the four years since I came across Shopify, my team and I have opened over 150 Shopify stores of our own.  Testing different niches, testing Facebook ads, testing Instagram marketing.  Not all of them are active today.

Almost two years ago now I started a brand called Vixeemo.  Vixeemo was a full business solutions brand specializing in web design and other business development services.  Since creation, Vixeemo has now built over 400 Shopify stores for other users.

Currently I am involved in over 40 Shopify stores running today, each with it’s own different co-founder that runs the front of the business with me.  The other stores unfortunately did not meet my standards and are no longer running.  After all, not all businesses succeed.

Shopify is currently the most recommend platform to use now for eCommerce, and it’s without a doubt the #1 platform for the dropshipping strategy.  Years ago I would have said WordPress+store addons, but now with the advancement in Shopify and it’s heavy-dropshipping apps, it’s definitely Shopify.

As a Shopify expert, as one of the top leaders in Dropshipping, I offer all of these in both my free mentorship program as well as paid coaching services.

Start your 14-day free trial with Shopify today.  Click Here.

If you have any questions about the Shopify platform, please leave me a comment here or ask me a question on Quora.

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